LITA Podcasts Presents: the LITA Candidates

LITA podcast


Welcome to the LITA Podcasts Election Series. For your listening pleasure, every few days a new group of LITA Officer hopefuls will be presented. Tune in here on LITABlog, via any RSS aggregator using our normal RSS feed, or now tune in via iTunes by clicking here or searching for LITA in the podcast area of the iTunes store.

Each individual, regardless of office, was asked to answer the following questions:

  • Describe your professional experience as it related to holding LITA office.
  • What do you bring to this position?
  • How do you envision LITA being a technology leader in ALA?

Each candidate was interviewed by David Free who knows a few things about podcasting and who has been instrumental in making this a success.

The schedule for the release of each group of candidates is as follows:

March 15 – Vice President/President Elect
Diane Bisom and Andrew Pace

March 19 – ALA Councilors
Kay Flowers (did not respond to interview request) and Colby Riggs

March 21-22 – Director at Large 3 year term
Mary Alice Ball
Susan Logue
Dale Poulter
Barbara Spivey

Director at Large 1 year term
Both candidates declined to be interviewed.
Maribeth Manhoff and Karen Starr

For more information about the LITA Elections, see the LITA Elections 2007 page, as well as the ALA Elections page.