Top Technology Trends – ALA Annual 2007, part 4

LITA podcast logoThe fourth of our seven part Top Technology Trend podcasts from this year’s ALA Annual meeting is here! There were six Trendsters live at ALA Annual, and this section is devoted to the one and only Roy Tennant. The remainder will be spread out, one per day, for the rest of the week.

If you’re enjoying the podcasts, and want to make sure that this sort of thing continues within LITA and the ALA, let us know! Leave comments and suggestions so that we know what everyone wants to see moving forward…

Now up: Roy Tennant

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  1. Adam Burke

    I am enjoying the podcasts so please keep them coming for *all* LITA productions/presentations. Iwas not able to afford to make it to ALA this year and the podcast(s) are better than mere text descriptions/summaries since we can hear the presenters, in their own words

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