BIGWIG Business Meeting Notes, Annual 07

Jason Griffey, In-Coming Chair reports
What is BIGWIG? A working IG interested in social and emerging technologies. We do our work and discussions virtually using all tools possible. We are not a simple discussion group.

Our current structure is as follows:
We have an incoming chair, two co-chairs, and an outgoing chair. One chair is always in movement up and down. This will give the group continuity needed for projects as there will always be a chair with experience in office. We also have a Technical Coordinator who does back end work on the blog and a Volunteer Coordinator who organizes blogging efforts for conferences.

New positions possibly needed:

  • election interviews coordinator
  • podcast volunteer coordinator

Do we want to be a formal committee now that we are doing more committee-like work?
Action: Michelle Boule will post committee requirements to the listserv for discussion

Michelle Boule, Co-Chair, reports
Blog Update

  • categories are now above the fold
  • archives are now in a drop down box
  • old pages are a level down so they are not visible in the navigational menu
  • their URLs are still the same
  • possible that we may do some subcategories and fly out menus in the future

Wiki Update
Aaron Dobbs – Can we web committee pages on the wiki?
Action item Michelle: bump up Aaron’s account
Wiki Co-Coordinators needed: Aaron Dobbs and Michelle Boule agree to take this on

Do we want a checklist for what goes on the blog and what goes on the wiki? Shelved for discussion on the listserv

Social Software Showcase
Was a success!
A managed discussion space is the kind of physical space we want. We need to have a good description for the official ALA program. We will discuss speakers at Midwinter. Maybe we could have aMeebo Room wrangler during the f2f portion of the Showcase?

Do we want to try to do back channels for TTT or other LITA Tracks? Forum? Action: Michelle Boule to post this to listserv for discussion at a later date.

Karen Coombs, Co-Chair, reports
Forum, Midwinter, Annual – plans for stuff
The virtual piece to ALA conferences is missing. Karen would like to see us capturing things at Forum. Slides as a flash and with audio feed, audio, interviews, etc. What would the equipment needs be? If we only have audio then people would have to find the slides. Is it better to have both where people can choose either the audio or visual or both? At a minimum we can do the keynotes. Forum will be pilot for this type of reporting.
Action: Karen Coombs start talk on listserv about logistics at Forum

New Officers
Michelle Boule stepping down to be Outgoing Chair
Jason Griffey will step up to be Co-Chair
Karen Coombs continues as Co-Chair
Jonathan Blackburn was voted in as the new incoming chair and will be stepping down as Volunteer Coordinator.
Tiffany Smith new Volunteer Coordinator
Kevin Clarke will continue Technology Coordinator
David Lee King – Podcast Coordinator (maybe with the podcasts we will need co-wranglers?)

There will be opportunities for volunteering for all the BIGWIG projects as the dates for conferences get closer. If you would like to participate in the discussion or volunteer, join our listserv.

Action: Michelle Boule send Tiffany Google doc for volunteer stuff and work with Jonathan to institutionalize our volunteer wrangling information