LITA Forum 2007

Just a quick note for all of the LITA members currently converging on Denver, CO for LITA Forum 2007, as well as those following us from afar.

For those attending, if you are taking photos at Forum, uploading videos, blogging on your personal site, etc, please tag your content with:


That way those at home can follow along if they wish. As photos hit Flickr and other sites, we’ll try and keep a running list of content we are alerted to here on LITABlog.

As well, if you Twitter and want to contribute to the LITA Forum Twitter stream, head on over to http:/twitter.com/LITAForum and add LITAForum as a friend. If you want to follow along the Twittering stream:



This RSS feed 

To follow along with those of us who might be Twittering along in Denver.

We will also, of course, have our crack team of bloggers covering as much of Forum as we can possibly cover, barring the limitations of space and time. Keep your browsers tuned to LITABlog for all the informational goodness.