Five Minute Madness at the LITA Forum

Are you working on a cool new project that you didn’t even know about when the Call for Papers came out? Would you like an opportunity to share your work with colleagues in an informal setting?

If you’ve read the LITA Forum schedule, you may have noticed the Saturday morning Session titled: 5 Minute Madness. This year, LITA is trying something new and setting aside a session for informal presentations of projects and ideas that weren’t really gelled when the Call for Papers closed back in the winter. The Forum Planning Committee knows that nine months is a looong time in IT, and we want to be able to offer a conference experience that includes new ideas in addition to the more formal presentations that go through the peer-reviewed proposal process. We’re borrowing this idea from the Access conference which has used this impromptu, less formal approach for a few years.

The idea is simple: presenters get five minutes to talk about their project or idea. Then there are a couple minutes for questions while the next person gets ready, and then you’re done – or you get the hook!

Interested? There will be a sign-up sheet at the Registration table area starting on Friday, and we’ll have time for a maximum of 9 talks. To help keep things moving, you should count on not having Internet access, and bring whatever AV materials you need on a thumb drive. Or just talk! Your presentation materials will be posted after the conference.

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  1. Angela Rand

    This sounds very cool and timely to me! Do I need to be the first to sign up. I have something to say about a project we are trying to initiate in our county wide public library cooperative and I’d like to both share the idea and get feed back from others. Is there still room?

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