Electronic Resources IG meeting at Midwinter

The meeting of the Electronic Resource Management IG at ALA Midwinter is set for the following day/time/place:

Friday, January 11th 7:30-9:00pm
Courtyard Downtown, Salon II
21 N. Juniper St. (this is a conference hotel)

Our agenda is set, though we welcome any additional announcements or topics for discussion:

— Discussion of the work being done on the Cost of Resource Exchange (CORE). The group working this standard has submitted the proposal to NISO and are waiting to hear back if it has been approved for further work under NISO sanction. Feedback on the draft is very welcome. — Ed Riding and Jeff Aipperspach
A brief draft description: “The purpose of this specification is to facilitate the exchange of cost and related financial information by an Electronic Resource Management System (ERMS) from an Integrated Library System (ILS) Acquisitions module. The population of ERMS financial data from the ILS Acquisitions system makes cost-per-click and other cost-related reports in the ERMS all the more
http://www.niso.org/news/events_workshops/erm07/shows/erm07koppel_CORE.pps (powerpoint)
** for those lists that permit attachments – two documents related to this draft standard are attached **

— EDItEUR will have some real progress to report on the piloting of the ONIX-PL standard for XML expression of licensing terms, and the
implications for ERM — Brian Green, EDItEUR

— NISO’s License Expression Working Group — TBD
A discussion about this group and its tie with ONIX-PL to get feedback and questions from the community on that area.

— Update on recently published materials on ONIX for Serials formats and documentation – Kathy Klemperer

— Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) update — Ted Fons

The above agenda does not necessarily reflect the order in which these topics will be discussed.

If you have any additional announcements or topics for discussion, please let us know so we can be sure to add you to the agenda.

Zoe Stewart-Marshall

Clara Ruttenberg
ERMIG Vice Chair

ps. Be sure to check out the LITA ERM IG webpage. The ppt slides Ted Koppel’s presentation on e-books, from Annual, are available for viewing.