LITA Joint IG and Committee Chairs Meeting 1/12/08 8am

The IG and Committee Chairs meeting is held at each conference in order to discuss issues that Chairs have, and also to provide time and space for all the LITA leadership to interact face to face. Pres.

President Mark Beatty encouraged all Chairs to report out about what we’re doing. He asked all Chairs to complete reports so that the LITA Board can be updated and so that all LITA members can have a clear up to date picture of organization activities.

Vice President/President Elect Andrew Pace asked Chairs to encourage people to volunteer for Committee positions by completing the online forms available. For those rotating off committees: it would be very helpful if you can mention a potential successor Once people are “in the system”, they can be tapped for all kinds of LITA activities. He also asked Chairs to attend the Town Meeting 8am Monday morning.

Executive Director Mary Taylor introduced Melissa Prentice, who pointed out resources listing incoming chairs and deadlines that will be vital for all Chairs. Mary also introduced Valerie Edmonds, Program Coordinator, who can provide information for those planning programs.

Upcoming deadlines: completed descriptions of programs are due January 15 and there’s a workstation with printer and net connection in the LITA office to help with this process. January 21 is the date for 2008 official program text, and Program Planning Committee will pass along what they have to Valerie.

Lorre Smith, of Membership Development Committee asked the group to discuss the aspect of MDC charge having to do with leadership development, and a discussion developed with possible programming and other activities to be pursued by MDC.

Bonnie Postlethwaite discusse the Assessment and Research Committee workshop and their efforts to help LITA be more reliant on data for analysis of issues and decision making.

Pat Mullins of the Nominations Committee is looking for volunteers to run for LITA Board and for Vice President, so please contact Pat with nomination ideas!

Barbara Spivey, the Education Committee Chair, is also looking for those who are able to offer online courses, so please contact the Committee with suggestions.