Membership Development Committee 1/13/08 8am – 10am

Membership Development discussed the Research and Assessment Committee workshop and implications for forthcoming activities.

The membership has increased slightly and is slowly reaching former pre-dues-increase levels. The student category is the fastest growing category. The Committee had a brief discussion of “what next?” in terms of target groups and mention public libraries and technologists who are not in libraries at this time.

The Happy Hour on Friday comprised about 90 interesting people, with Don Lemke and Lorre Smith greeting members at the door and distributing “glowy things”. Planning for Anaheim Happy Hour got underway and it will be on Friday at 4:30, just before the LITA 101 Open House at 5:30.

Al Kornish took over the duties of scheduling members into the LITA booth, so all of you who are dying to spread the word about LITA can talk to Al about doing so in the booth at the annual conference!

Future MDC efforts will be in LIS schools, Second Life, at the Forum in the fall and at the Spectrum Professional Options Fair and the New Members Round Table orientation. Watch for interesting interactive events, audio and video!