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Conversion and Migration of Digital Records–New ISO Work Item

NISO has received a ballot for a new ISO TC46 work item/project, and Cindy Hepfer, ALA Voting representative to NISO, would like some feedback from ALA members. The project in question is ISO TC46/SC11 New work item proposal: Digital records conversion and migration process. This is an excellent opportunity for LITA members to have an impact at the early stages of standards development.

The summary from the announcement states: “This proposed standard will outline the program components, planning issues, recordkeeping requirements, and procedures for the conversion and migration of digital records so as to preserve the integrity of such records as evidence of business transactions. This standard is intended only for use in the conversion and migration of data that is to be preserved as digital records. This document does not address procedures for the digitization of records held in paper form.”

The purpose and justification provided in the work item proposal follows. “This proposed standard provides guidance in understanding recordkeeping requirements, the organizational and business framework for conducting the conversion and migration process, technology planning issues, and monitoring/controls for the process. It identifies the steps, components, and particular methodologies for the conversion and migration of records from one recordkeeping system to another — covering such topics as workflow, testing, version control, and validation.”

Cindy also points out: “Since this is a new work project, if we vote ‘Yes,’ we may identify one or more US experts to work on the standard’s development. If you nominate someone please provide not just a name but contact information (most especially phone number and e-mail address).”

As with all ISO documents, access to this one is restricted. If you are an ALA member and wish to see this ISO document, please contact Cindy directly ( and confirm that you are an ALA member (I’d appreciate being copied on requests, at Specific comments on the working draft are encouraged but are not required in order for Cindy to vote YES.
Vote recommendations and comments on the work item ballot, and any nominations of experts, are due to Cindy no later than Oct. 10, 2008. In the absence of other recommendations, ALA will recommend that NISO vote to approve the work item regarding the digital records conversion and migration process.

Diane Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator