Standards Watch

ISO 8777:1993, Commands for Interactive Text Searching

According to the announcement forwarded by Cindy Hepfer, ALA Voting Representative to NISO, “This International Standard specifies a basic set of commands for the interactive search of retrieval systems data and the types of response expected from the processing System. lt is intended for use by designers and users of information retrieval Systems, including computer-based library catalogues and computer-based database access and search facilities.”

Cindy reminds us that our vote options are: Confirm (as is), Revise/Amend, Withdraw (the standard), or Abstain (from the vote). Comments are required for all votes other than Confirm. ALA is not voting on the standard itself but rather is providing feedback to NISO as to whether to approve or disapprove the standard.

ALA members interested in reviewing the standard should apply directly to Cindy at (please confirm to her that you’re an ALA member, and copy me on the request, please: Deadline for comments to Cindy is no later than: Nov. 21, 2008.

Diane Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator