Web Coordinating Committee Midwinter 2009 Meeting Report

DATE: 1/25/2009

GROUP: Web Coordinating Committee

CHAIR: Jean Rainwater

REPORTER: Jean Rainwater


MEETING: Committee meeting



  • At the Midwinter meeting the WCC discussed the need for clarification and coordination of web communication. Meeting reports and minutes are frequently posted to a combination of LITA website, wiki, and blog. The WCC recommends that the LITA wiki be the official repository for Committee and IG documentation, meeting reports, minutes and the like. The LITA website should be focused on the current information needs of LITA members and the tools by which members can interact with the site and with each other, should draw news items from the LITA blog via RSS feeds and should provide links to the wiki for meeting reports and other documentation.
  • A review of the LITA website found large gaps in metadata for Collage files; content without metadata is less findable by the ALA and other search engines.


  • Before Annual 2009, the WCC will survey LITA members on what they want and expect to find on the LITA site.
  • The WCC will work with ALA on a LITA website redesign which will harmonize with and include the web 2.0 features of the redesigned ALA site. A monitored discussion of this prototype will be held at Annual. After feedback at Annual usability testing will be conducted and the new site launched before September 2009.
  • Members of the WCC with Collage training will address problems with missing metadata for website content.
  • WCC members will test, provide feedback, and actively participate on ALA Connect.


Attendees: Mary Axford, Kevin Clair, Anne Graham, Lisa Sibert, Lauren Pressley, Jean Rainwater (Chair), Michelle Frisque (LITA Board Liaison), Melissa Prentice (ALA Staff Liaison).

Absent: Tim Donohue, Karenann Jurecki, Karen Coombs, Daniel Suchy, Holly Yu, Rafal Kasprowski.