Technology & Access Committee Midwinter 2009 Meeting Report

DATE: 1/25/2009

GROUP: Technology and Access Committee

CHAIR: David Nutty

REPORTER: David Nutty


MEETING: Committee meeting


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Planning for a program at ALA Annual Chicago has been the main focus of the committee prior to and at the Midwinter Meeting in Denver.  The committee has focused the topic to Net Neutrality.  The committee has tentative commitments (later confirmed) from three outstanding speakers.  Due to the quality of the speakers and the timeliness of the topic, we have requested a larger room for ALA Chicago.

Other business at the Midwinter meeting included discussion of the LITA Strategic Planning Meeting; a request from the Board to draft a resolution for Judith Krug on the 40th anniversary of the Freedom to Read Foundation; and the committee’s role in promoting access to LITA conference programming via low-cost or mobile technologies.

FUTURE ACTIVITIES: The committee’s program at ALA Chicago: “Net Neutrality and its Implications for Libraries” is the primary focus for the committee in the next six months.

A committee member will work with the Chair to draft a resolution for Judith Krug.

A committee member will serve on the new e-Participation task force.

The committee will continue to respond to NISO feedback opportunities as appropriate.

The committee will continue to work closely with the LITA Legislation and Regulations Committee.