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LITA Electronic Participation Implementation Task Force

LITA has volunteered to assist in the implementation of the Electronic Participation Task Force report in any way that is deemed appropriate.  Mary Ghikas, ALA Senior Associate Executive Director, has posed the question, if ALA provides Internet connectivity in hotels as well as the convention center for Annual Conferences and Midwinters, what can we do to help regular committees (as opposed to governance groups) use it (e.g., develop a toolkit, tip sheet, actual on site help) to connect with absent members at no additional cost (e.g., no conference calls requiring telephone lines, etc.)?

To explore the possibilities for providing technical support to committees which need to include absent members using Internet connectivity.  To develop an implementation plan for the 2009 Annual Conference.

  • Identify levels of support needed and appropriate tool for each level;
  • Identify existing tools and develop new tools as needed;
  • Identify services that might be needed;
  • Determine best ways of providing tools and services.

Task Force:
Thanks to the following people for agreeing to serve on this task force:

  • David Lee King, Chair
  • Cindi Trainor
  • Lauren Pressley
  • Derik Badman
  • Andreas Orphanides
  • Barbara Blummer