How has LITA made your life awesome? Tell us at #becauseLITA

Are you a member of LITA? Has LITA helped you in any way? Perhaps you’ve taken an online workshop, attended a preconference, read a useful article in LITA’s journal, participated in a conference, expanded your professional network, or even just had fun socializing and interacting with colleagues interested in libraries and technology. If LITA has impacted your job or your career, we want to hear about it!

How has LITA made your life awesome?

Tweet, blog, use instagram, use facebook, make a video, record a sound byte, or use your favorite flavor of social media to share LITA’s impact on you and be sure to include the hashtag #becauseLITA. We are aggregating everything with that hashtag on our Tagboard.

At this upcoming Midwinter Conference, an amazing team of LITA folk have been helping me, Rachel Vacek, your LITA Vice-President, plan the LITA Town Meeting on Monday, January 27th from 8:30-10:00 am in the Convention Center Room 120C. In support of the activity that we’ve planned for the Meeting, we are launching a campaign called #becauseLITA to help focus on the benefits of membership, celebrate our amazing accomplishments as members and leaders within the association, and to share with prospective members how LITA has enriched our lives.

Throughout the conference, and primarily at the Town Meeting, we will be conducting interviews, taking photos, shooting video, and encouraging members to tell stories about how LITA impacts our life and work. We’ll even have #becauseLITA ribbons for your name badge!

If you have a story to tell about how LITA has made YOUR life awesome, there are a few places where we’d love to meet with you:

Thanks to Annie Gaines, Kyle Denlinger, Ayla Stein, Joanna Messer Jordan, and Melody Condron for helping plan and run the activities around the Town Meeting and the #becauseLITA campaign. Thanks also goes to Executive Director Mary Taylor, President Cindi Trainor, and the LITA Board for their ongoing support!

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