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Vote for Us! DH Awards 2015

We’re honored that the LITA blog has been nominated by the Digital Humanities Awards in the category “Best DH Blog Post or Series of Posts“. Though the DH Awards don’t point to any specific posts as the basis for their nomination, we’re guessing it’s because of posts like Grace Thomas’ post on using Omeka in digital library services, Bryan Brown’s post musing on what librarianship means, Lindsay Cronk’s exploration of text mining tools, or Nimisha Bhat’s post on scholarly engagement and Twitter. And that’s hardly scratching the surface of the awesome content we strive to produce for LITA blog readers!

We would love to have your vote! But hurry, since voting closes on Saturday, February 26. Vote for LITA blog on the DH Awards form.

Thanks, as always, for reading the LITA blog! As a reminder, if you’re looking for a place to share writing on a library technology topic (including digital humanities!), just let us know.