Meet the LITA Author at ALA Annual

Managing Digital You Feature Image

Melody Condron headshotMeet Melody Condron, author of the new Roman and Littlefield LITA Guides series publication:

Managing the Digital You: Where and How to Keep and Organize Your Digital Life

Rowman and Littlefield Booth #2515
Saturday June 24, 2017, 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Don’t miss your chance to meet, purchase at a large discount and have your copy signed by Melody. This book is a much-needed guide for those struggling with how to manage and preserve their digital items.

Here is Melody’s thoughts on her book. She would love to see you all there.

Earlier this year my book, Managing the Digital You, was released as part of the LITA Guide series. It’s a book about personal digital archiving (PDA): how people (that’s you) can manage and protect all of their digital stuff, from photos and Twitter to voicemails and bank statements.

This book is a little different than some of the previous releases in the LITA Guide family. I believe it is the first LITA Guide that that you may use at work—either to assist patrons and students or clean up your work files—or at home (where your digital photos are probably burning a hole in your aging backup system). It is also something your library probably isn’t doing much with right now, although I will passionately argue that librarians should be advocating and teaching tools for better management of personal digital stuff. There is great need in this area, and librarians who know and understand technology and information organization can play a great role.

The book covers many of the current issues in PDA. Need to decide what to keep and what’s personally valuable in your thousands of digital files? It’s in the book. Need to know how to back up your voicemails? It’s covered. Applying all that stuff you know about metadata to your personal photos without implementing a DAMS, digital asset management system, at home? Yep, it’s in there.

If you want to pick up a discounted copy of the book for yourself or your library, stop by the Rowman & Littlefield Booth #2515 on Saturday, June 24 at 3pm and I can sign a copy for you. A portion of the proceeds go to support LITA.