Propose a Topic for the new ITAL Public Libraries Leading the Way Column


ITAL’s look back at the last 50 years is complete, and we’re taking the opportunity to start something new in 2019. There will be a regular, quarterly, column in Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL), the open-access LITA journal titled “Public Libraries Leading the Way” that will highlight technology-based innovation from a public library perspective.

Submit your idea proposal now!

Topics we’re interested in include the following, but proposals on any other technology topic are also welcome:

  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Internet of things
  • 3-D printing and makerspaces
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Geographic information systems and mapping
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion and technology
  • Privacy and cyber-security
  • Library analytics and data-driven services
  • Anything else related to public libraries and innovations in technology

Columns are in the 1,000-1,500 word range and may include illustrations. These will not be research articles, but are meant to share practical experience with technology development or uses within the library. If you are interested in contributing a column, please submit a brief summary of your idea.

Questions or Comments?

If you have ITAL questions, please contact Ken Varnum, Editor of Information Technology and Libraries, at

For all other questions or comments related to LITA publications, contact us at (312) 280-4268 or

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