LITA Highlights at ALA Midwinter

2017 ALA Midwinter logo

ALA and LITA are heading to Atlanta for ALA Midwinter 2017. Whether or not you will be attending the conference, there are plenty of opportunities to check out what’s happening at the conference. All the LITA highlights are on the LITA at Midwinter webpage. You can find the whole LITA schedule at the Midwinter Scheduler. Most committee meetings are open to anyone whether or not you’re on the committee, so feel free to stop by and check out what’s going on. There’s even a page showcasing the LITA Interest groups managed discussions. Make sure you don’t miss the following: LITA Diversity and Inclusion Committee – Kitchen Table Conversation Saturday, January 21 from 4:30 to 5:30 PM LITA’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee is thrilled to provide ALA and LITA members with an opportunity to provide substantial feedback on developing inclusive programming and member services, as well as meaningful membership outreach efforts…

News & Noteworthy

Announcing the LITA Blog Editor

We are pleased to announce that Brianna Marshall will be the new editor of the LITA Blog. Brianna is the Digital Curation Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and earned her MLS and MIS from Indiana University in May 2014. She most recently was the Managing Editor of the popular Hack Library School blog, and brings a lot of great experience and ideas to the LITA Blog. Watch for calls from Brianna for regular and guest contributors coming soon.

Blogging Help

Open call to all LITA Members for Blog Editor role

LITA is searching for a savvy manager for its WordPress blog: http://litablog.org. This is the perfect volunteer opportunity to get more involved with LITA outside of the committee structure. The blog editor would work independently and collaboratively with the Web Coordinating Committee and Committee Coordinator (Communications) to plan, coordinate, solicit, and publish blog content of interest to the LITA community. Responsibilities (in coordination with above committees and team you want to pull together): Create policies for blogging and blog content. Tag and categorize existing and future content. Schedule, proofread, and post new content. Coordinate guest posts from content authors. Ensure that the blog remains active and free of spam, and moderate comments as necessary. Moderate comments posted to the blog. Requirements: Must be a current LITA member. Experience with WordPress. Experience or a strong interest in blogging. Clearly communicate in writing and be proactive in soliciting and planning content. Willingness to…