LITA IG Chairs, Sat. 8:30 – 9:30 AM

The meeting was facilitaed by Matt Calsada, LITA IG Coordinator.

* IG Renewals – Mary Ellen Tyckoson, Bylaws & Organization Committee, discussed items missing from renewal forms and IG’s not heard from re: their renewals. Suggestion was made to change wording so IG only has to attach reports from the last 3 meetings if they haven’t been posted to the web. Reminder given that renewals are every 3 years and Chairs should talk to the group at Midwinter re: function statement or name changes (and get Chair, Vice Chair signatures on renewal form).
* Program Planning Committee – Rachel Cheng handed out proposal form, checklist, and diagram for interacting with PPC (guide also on web). Chairs should talk to PPC at conference (meet Sunday & Monday at 10:30). Even managed discussions should talk to them to get scheduled and help get the meeting advertised.
* Matt reminded everyone that more info for IG Chairs is available on the LITA site.
*Web issues – Laura Cohen, IG Web Coordinator, let everyone know she acts as secretary for the IG Coordinator and helps individual IGs by posting minutes after she sees them on the list, posting ppts and documents related to presentations, etc. She will be rolling off and doesn’t yet know the name of her replacement but a message will go out on COMCHAIR-L. Meanwhile send info and Qs to David Altenhof as the new Web Manager. Contact the LITA office if you want to be able to edit your IG website yourself (will need training in the new Content Management Systesm). And remember to use the web for program announcements.

* If you want to be able to blog, contact Michelle Boule (mboule [at] gmail [dot] com) or request an account online.