LITA Joint Committee and IG Chairs Mtg, Sat 8-8:30 (ish)

The meeting was chaired by Scott Muir, LITA Committee Coordinator and Matt Calsada, LITA IG Coordinator.
* LITA President Pat Mullin reminded everyone to get the word out quickly about program/meeting changes (use the blog, for example).
* The incoming LITA Web Manager is David Altenhof (couldn’t be here due to flight cancellation).
* LITA Vice President Bonnie Postlewaite and Executive Director Mary Taylor shared info about the new Online Communities. The Comm/IG Chair will need to get remote 3-hour administrator training & set-up from Louise Gruenberg, ALA e-Learning Instructional Designer, and then members can get 2-hour training for how to use (some may need less time, prefer groups, happens over web and phone).
* In addition to the blog for communicating with the general membership, LITA now has a Wiki to post topics for which you desire community input.
* The LITA Board has a new conflict of interest statement.
* LITA has a table in the ALA office at the conference, including a computer and printer shared with RUSA.
* Programming Planning Committee Chair Dave Bretthauer encouraged committees and IGs to talk to PPC about future programming even if only at the idea stage. Incoming chair is Gail Clement. Also, after programs please collect evaluation forms and share the data with PPC. Tip on use of listservs – make sure test and hear back from all members before assume working.
* Mary Taylor let everyone know committee membership (& IG chair, co-chair) should get updated on web July 1, but please check against the list from Valerie.
* Active listservs will be migrating to a new system. Chairs have the option to administer their own lists if they chose. The ALA site is also migrating to a new content management system and LITA should be one of the first to migrate.

* When will the online community training be offered? Probably Mondays or Fridays in July with first session set up for Friday, July 21, around 11-2 Eastern Time (others will probably 3:30-5:30 Central time, so best for East Coast folks to sign up for July 21 session). Reason for 3-hour training is variety of choices available in new system vs. difficulty using. Features include: chat, forum, calendar, survey, announce, file share, messaging, and membership search.