Copyright 101 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright But Were Afraid To Ask

A very unique session on Copyright. Instead of speakers the session was set up as a poster session. Attendees could visit the various poster sessions on Copyright and ask questions.

Topics covered included: Copyright, A Limited Statutory Monopoly by Carrie Russell, Interlibrary Loan by Patricia Ball, Electronic Reserves for Text and Media by Claire Stewart and Brice Austin; International Copyright: How Does It Work by Janice Pilch; Fair Use 101 by Marc Gartler and Dwayne Butler; Preservation and Replacement by Michael Brewer; Copyright Advisory Network (www.librarycopyright.net); Copyright Term and the Public Domain by Patrick Newell; Copyright in the Digital Age: Developing Resources for Your Academic Community by Barbara Oakley; Retaining Your Copyright: Authors Rights by Trisha Davis presented by Buckley Barrett.

It was an excellent session that presented basic information on Copyright. For those you interested in exploring Copyright more visit CAN at www.librarycopyright.net.