Heads of LibraryTechnology (HoLT) Interest Group- June 29th, 2008

The Heads of Technology Interest Group began with introductions. Each participant told about a major project or issue that they were currently dealing with at their institutions. Most were from academic institutions. Projects and or issues ranged from how to write a RFP to Technology Planning. The Transformational change program was briefly discussed. An update on Core Competencies and the book that some members were working on was discussed. Also ideas for future programs and publication were explored with members.


Education Committee, June 28, 2008

LITA’s Education Committee welcomed all incoming committee members. The main topic of discussion was the planning of a web based course. Results of a recent educational needs survey were also discussed. The areas identified in the survey as topics of interest include: Open Source Software for Libraries; Metadata Structure and Translation/Crosswalk; Integrating Licensed Electronic Resources; Digitization Project Design and Management; and Digitization-Technical Topic. A liaison to the Assessment and Research Committee was appointed. Support was expressed for the ALA Core Competencies for Librarianship. The new ALA Website redesign was also discussed and its provision for uniformity and an identifiable brand for the organization. LITA Camp was briefly discussed. It will tentatively take place in Dublin, OH and is set for May 4-5 2009.


LITA International Relations Committee Meeting

The LITA International Relations Committee 2008 met from 10:30 – 12:00 noon on Monday, January 14 at the Marriott Courtyard. Teri Sierra Committee Chair led the discussion of the various items on the agenda. Minutes from 2007 Annual were approved and a report from LITA Board of Directors Liaison Mary Alice Ball was given. The process for applying for the International Visitors Grant for the LITA Forum for Oct 2008 was discussed as well as sending a representative to IFLA. Focus centered on pursuing plans for a program at the ALA Annual Conference, 2009 in Chicago. Approval for the program has already been granted. The committee would like to bring Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC), or someone from the foundation to discuss this vision and the foundations work. Other possibilities would be other organizations that are doing the same kind of work internationally such…


Public Libraries Technology Interest Group

The Public Libraries Technology Interest met on Sunday, January 13th at the Four Seasons Hotel from 10-12 noon. Featured guests included Larra Clark from the ALA’s Office for Research and Statistics; and Kim Bolan and Robert Cullins authors of Technology Made Simple: An Simple Improvement Guide for Small and Medium Libraries. Larra Clark discussed the recent study Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study 2006-2007: ALA Research Series. Larra discussed the highlights of the study. Some of the findings include: technology is bringing more, not less public library use; libraries infrastructure (space, bandwidth and staffing) is being pushed to capacity; and libraries need more technology planning and dedicated technology support. The report also includes a state by state summary of technology. Kim Bolan and Robert Cullins, authors of Technology Made Simple: An Improvement Guide for Small and Medium Libraries, discussed their perceptions of technology in libraries. They…


Copyright 101 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright But Were Afraid To Ask

A very unique session on Copyright. Instead of speakers the session was set up as a poster session. Attendees could visit the various poster sessions on Copyright and ask questions. Topics covered included: Copyright, A Limited Statutory Monopoly by Carrie Russell, Interlibrary Loan by Patricia Ball, Electronic Reserves for Text and Media by Claire Stewart and Brice Austin; International Copyright: How Does It Work by Janice Pilch; Fair Use 101 by Marc Gartler and Dwayne Butler; Preservation and Replacement by Michael Brewer; Copyright Advisory Network (www.librarycopyright.net); Copyright Term and the Public Domain by Patrick Newell; Copyright in the Digital Age: Developing Resources for Your Academic Community by Barbara Oakley; Retaining Your Copyright: Authors Rights by Trisha Davis presented by Buckley Barrett. It was an excellent session that presented basic information on Copyright. For those you interested in exploring Copyright more visit CAN at www.librarycopyright.net.


Public Library Technology Interest Group: Small Mid Sized Libraries Facing Tech Challenges (Discussion Q&A)

Scott Reinhart, Associate Director of Operations and Bob Kuntz (IT Manager) from Carroll County Public Library discussed the challenges a small rural library faces as it begins to provide various technologies for its’ patrons and staff. Carol County Public Library is located in a rural area in Maryland. The total population is 163,207. A supportive director enabled many of the improvements. The library participates in a consortium with other systems such as the Health and Mental Health Hospitals. The library serves as an Internet provider (for pay) for general public. Only dial-up service is provided. WIFI is also offered to the public. There are plans to go to fiber optics in the future. The library’s ILS is Horizons and SAM is used for PC reservations. A discussion followed by attendees who also shared their various experiences and challenges with technology and libraries.


"Copyright 101: Everything You Need To Know About Copyright but Were Afraid To Ask"

The Office of Information Technology Policy (OITP) Copyright Advisory Committee put a new twist on Copyright. The committee offered a poster session on Copyright titled “Copyright 101: Everything You Need To Know About Copyright But Were Afraid To Ask” which was held on Monday, June 26 from 1:30-3:30 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel in the Belle Chasse Room. Topics and presenters are as follows: Copyright Advisory Network, Maryam Fakouri, Columbia College Chicago and Tom Phelps, National Endowment of the Humanities; Fair Use, Dwayne Buttler, University of Louisville and Marc Gartler, Harrington College of Design; Legislation and Litigation, Carrie Russell, ALA Washington Office; International Copyright, Janice Pilch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Copyright Duration and Public Domain, Barbara Oakley, University of Connecticut and Patrick Newell, University of California-Davis; Reserves (Print and Media) Brice Austin, University of Colorado-Boulder and Claire Stewart, Northwestern University Library; Authors’ Rights, Trisha Davis, Ohio State…