Public Library Technology Interest Group: Small Mid Sized Libraries Facing Tech Challenges (Discussion Q&A)

Scott Reinhart, Associate Director of Operations and Bob Kuntz (IT Manager) from Carroll County Public Library discussed the challenges a small rural library faces as it begins to provide various technologies for its’ patrons and staff. Carol County Public Library is located in a rural area in Maryland. The total population is 163,207.

A supportive director enabled many of the improvements. The library participates in a consortium with other systems such as the Health and Mental Health Hospitals. The library serves as an Internet provider (for pay) for general public. Only dial-up service is provided. WIFI is also offered to the public. There are plans to go to fiber optics in the future. The library’s ILS is Horizons and SAM is used for PC reservations. A discussion followed by attendees who also shared their various experiences and challenges with technology and libraries.

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  1. Angela Rand

    Will the Public Libraries interest group be meeting at the LITA convention in Denver? I am attending the convention and would like to be a part of the group.
    Thank you.

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