Informal Discussion: e-Resources Management at LITA Forum

ER&L (Electronic Resources & Libraries) and LITA ERM IG are hosting an informal discussion during the LITA Forum about the state of e-resource management.

The meeting will be Saturday, October 6th from 8-9am in the Molly Brown Room. Grab some breakfast and come in for a discussion.

Join us as we continue our discussions (started at ER&L, ACRL and NASIG) on the future of e-resources management. We’ve been exploring ideas of how to create a community, a collaborative work space, an understanding, and a vocabulary about how we need to manage and make accessible our electronic content. These conversations spurred this blog and ideas for other collaborative spaces, like the projects wiki.

Bonnie Tijerina will touch on some of the highlights of the discussions held so far and possible future projects. This is very informal, allowing for time to talk about what’s happening in your libraries and your ideas for ways to improve.

ER&L Forum: http://www.electroniclibrarian.org/forum/
LITA ERM IG: http://www.lita.org/ala/lita/litamembership/litaigs/litainterest.cfm