LITA at ALA Annual 2011

By now you’re probably wondering where that fabulous BIGWIG LITA gCalendar is and why it is not already embedded on LITAblog. That’s a fair question. In my opinion, the gCal has been surpassed by the new Conference Scheduler. Have you taken a look at the LITA Conference Schedule in ALA Connect? I know the display isn’t in Calendar grid format, but the new Conference Scheduler offers a complete listing of LITA programs, a way to indicate (and rank!) the various programs which interest you, and a way to export your “My Schedule” selections in iCal or other formats for importing into your regular calendar. Check it out (and let me know if you agree! (or disagree)) Update: After some feedback, I generated an iCal of all LITA events (Search for LITA and then click the iCal button at the top right corner), and imprted it into the BIGWIG LITA Calendar:


Looking for topics and presenters for the BIGWIG Showcase at ALA Annual

It’s time for the 4th Annual BIGWIG Showcase at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington DC, Monday, June 28, 2010 from 10:30am to Noon.  Location: TBD The BIGWIG Showcase, (formerly  the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase), is a great event, but for it to be successful, we need your help!  In the interests of staying as “current” and relevant as possible,  we would like you to propose topics for this year’s Showcase. You can do that here:  http://www.yourbigwig.com/node/add/topic Once done posting a topic, you can view and vote on your favorite topics  here:  http://www.yourbigwig.com/topics/2010 A topic can be anything related to libraries and emerging technology, from social media to discovery platforms to open-source tools to using tech tools in new or innovative ways. Use your imagination! Also, if you are interested in presenting on this topic yourself, please put your name down and you will be contacted with details following  the…


Live Streaming from ALA Annual 2008

This is not an organized LITA endeavor, but as a proof-of-concept for BIGWIG, I am going to be streaming as much as I can from ALA Annual 2008. The service I’m using for this is called Ustream, and the live channel can be found here: http://www.ustream.tv/griffey Because of the vagaries of internet access at the various convention hotels, it remains to be seen exactly what I will be able to do…but I’m going to give it a try! Even if you miss the live stream, all of the videos will be at the above URL to peruse at your leisure. If you are interested in trying to catch me live, I’ll be announcing it over on Twitter.


gCalendar of LITA events at Annual 2008

A while back, BIGWIG started up Your BIGWIG as a place to collaboratively do stuff.  One of the resources on Your BIGWIG is an embedded gCal. One day, in a spirit of “too much stuff to do, so I’ll do something completely unrelated instead” I populated this calendar with all the LITA events I could find for ALA Annual in Anaheim.  If you’re frustrated, as many are, with the ALA Event Planner, feel free to save events from this calendar into your own (trust me, this is *much* easier than the Event Planner for LITA events) Por su servico…



The LITA Blogs, Interactive Groupware and Wikis Interest Group (otherwise known by the sobriquet BIGWIG) is pleased to announce a new online presence for the group: www.yourbigwig.com What is YourBIGWIG? Straight from the site itself: BIGWIG has created this website in order to facilitate communication between BIGWIG members, potential members and interested parties. We hope to use this site to enable BIGWIG to be more efficient and effective in the work we do, allow for virtual participation, and solicit feedback and commentary on our activities. So: head on over and check us out. Sign up for an account, and make yourself part of the process of making LITA a more efficient, effective, and forward-thinking division of ALA.