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New LITA officers elected

Karen Starr, Assistant Administrator for Development Services at the Nevada State Library & Archives, is the new vice-president/president-elect of LITA. Her term, and that of newly elected LITA board members, begins after the 2009 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, Ill., a few weeks ago. Starr has served as a member of the LITA Board of Directors. She has experience in international relations having served on the LITA International Relations Committee and in various roles with the ALA International Relations Round Table. In addition to the IRC, Karen has served LITA on the Program Planning Committee and the Nominating Committee, “Creative change comes with long term investment, commitment, and patience. Every 10 years of the last 30, the library field has passed a milestone in its use of technology including online searching (1970s), CDROMs (1980s), and the Internet (1990s). Now we are involved with the digital world. Everyone is struggling with…

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Announcing the LITA Online Programming Task Force

LITA needs a system or process to gather, post, and share LITA sponsored programs presented at conferences and events online. Charge: To explore and recommend a systematic approach to gather and post LITA programs presented at events such as ALA Annual Conference, LITA National Forum, LITA Camp, etc. Identify the types of programs that are presented and which are most appropriate for online posting Identify other organizations such as ACRL, PLA, WebJunction, etc, who are currently providing this service to learn about their experiences How should the content be delivered online i.e. live webcast, produced in a studio, screencast, etc. Identify, evaluate, and analyze available systems Identify which systems are best for delivering each type of program Determine who should have access to what types of programs and how. This should include: Identifying the appropriate delivery method Who should have access. Should it be available to all LITA members, available…


LITA Town Meeting Update

I want to thank everyone who participated in this years LITA Town Hall meeting and remind you that you can continue to participate on Twitter. I will continue to follow #litath09, the tag assigned to the Town Meeting, so if you want to add to the conversation please do. I’m listening. Here are the questions we asked during the breakout session: What makes LITA unique inside ALA and in the greater community? Who else is filling the same role as LITA right now? What areas of IT are not be addressed in the community? How do other organizations see LITA? How can LITA work with other organizations? What can LITA learn from peer organizations? We had 12 tables in the room so 2 tables discussed each question. I posted pictures of the notes from each table and they can be found on Flickr. I want to thank the following guests…


Lita Town Meeting 2007 Report

Lita Town Meeting 2007 Report: Including Results from the Group Snow Card Activity. Big huge thanks to Michelle Boule for compiling the large stack of papers and cards into something that resembled an organized mass. LITA Town Meeting What does success look like for LITA and it’s members? Mark Beatty, LITA Vice President, gave a quick environmental scan. Then the LITA members at the Town Meeting engaged in small group brain storming and clustered their ideas into categories. Attending members were asked to generate their ideas as a reaction to Mark’s introductory scan, their own current thoughts on the state of libraries and LITA, the LITA strategic plan and a small set of questions about LITA. Details on the group activity are below along with the results. One of the easiest and interestingly the most significant remarks that could be made about the town meeting is that people had fun….


ALA Election Results

Election Results Congratulations to the following members who have been elected to the LITA Board of Directors: Vice President/President-Elect: Andrew Pace Directors at Large (3 year terms): Mary Alice Ball and Susan Logue Director at Large (1 year term): Karen Starr LITA Councilor: Colby Riggs Elected ALA Councilors who are LITA members: Allene Hayes Janet Swan Hill Bernard Margolis Catherine L. Murray-Rust


LITA Podcasts Presents: the LITA Candidates

  Welcome to the LITA Podcasts Election Series. For your listening pleasure, every few days a new group of LITA Officer hopefuls will be presented. Tune in here on LITABlog, via any RSS aggregator using our normal RSS feed, or now tune in via iTunes by clicking here or searching for LITA in the podcast area of the iTunes store. Each individual, regardless of office, was asked to answer the following questions: Describe your professional experience as it related to holding LITA office. What do you bring to this position? How do you envision LITA being a technology leader in ALA? Each candidate was interviewed by David Free who knows a few things about podcasting and who has been instrumental in making this a success. The schedule for the release of each group of candidates is as follows: March 15 – Vice President/President Elect Diane Bisom and Andrew Pace March…

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Meet the LITA Candidates for the 2007 Elections

Can’t get enough of the podcasts from Midwinter? Want to know more about the folks running for various positions on the LITA Board? Podcasts of interviews with all the candidates for the LITA election will be available beginning March 15 when the ALA polls open. The podcasts will be posted here on the LITA Blog and available from the LITA Web site’s election page. Interviews are currently being recorded for 2 candidates for Vice-President/President-Elect, 2 candidates for Councilor, 8 candidates for directors-at-large. Set up feeds to your RSS aggregator or iPod to listen in to what our slate of candidates have to say!

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LITA Sponsors Michelle Boule in the ALA Emerging Leaders Program

The LITA Board is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Michelle Boule to the ALA Emerging Leaders Program. LITA had a number of excellent applicants. LITA has a very bright future with such bright, rising stars. ALA has selected 100 participants for the 2007 program. Each participant will attend leadership workshops at both ALA conferences in 2007. In addition, they will participate in an online working group between the conferences as they continue to grow as leaders. Each participant is expected to provide 2 years of service to ALA or one of its units. The LITA Board wishes to ensure that our Emerging Leader has a meaningful leadership experience within LITA. Michelle will work closely with the LITA President and President-elect, working most closely with the President-elect for continuity, on aspects of the LITA strategic plan implementation. Michelle Boule is indeed a LITA emerging leader. She was instrumental in starting…

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LITA to Sponsor an Emerging Leader

ALA President Leslie Burger has announced a new Emerging Leaders Program to prepare 100 librarians new to the profession in leadership ( LITA is very pleased to announced that it has agreed to sponsor one individual in this Program. Are you: –a current LITA member? –no older than 35 OR have no more than five years of post-MLS library experience? –able to meet the obligations that Leslie outlined on the website? –interested in the Program? If so, please submit the following items to LITA President Bonnie Postlethwaite ( by September 15: –A list of LITA or ALA activities (no more than five, if possible) –Participation in state, regional or other library associations (no more than five) –Three ways you have demonstrated leadership potential (500 words or less) LITA sponsorship is not required for application, but it will give you preference in the selection process. A memo from Leslie Burger clarifies…

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In Memory

In this LITA’s 40th anniversary year, we have lost two icons to the profession who also served in LITA’s formative years as president. Henriette Avram passed away on April 22 and Frederick G. Kilgour passed on July 31. It’s hard to imagine today’s libraries without the work of these two giants of our profession. Their work was intertwined. Without the communications format of the MARC record championed by Henriette Avram, shared cataloging and OCLC, which Fred Kilgour founded, would not have been possible. Much has been written about both of these people. However, it is fitting for LITA to recognize their special contribution to our organization which was still called the Information Science and Automation Division (ISAD) in their days. Fred Kilgour served as the eighth president for two terms in 1973-1975. Henriette Avram followed as president from 1975-1976. According to Stephen R. Salmon’s article, “LITA’s First Twenty-Five Years: A…